Often under the outsourcing of information processes is understood outsourcing of IT processes, organizations not affiliated with the IT industry itself. In Western countries, circulated a comprehensive IT outsourcing, in which the contractor transfers all customer's IT infrastructure. In Ukraine, this approach is rarely used, companies prefer to use his limited options, such as application hosting or support for corporate sites. At the moment, the main suppliers of outsourced IT services in Ukraine are the system integrators. The SaaS model can also be viewed as a variant of outsourcing in the operation of the software.

Outsourcing in the IT sector

Transferring an outside contractor to a number of internal services, and (or) domestic services, the client company, including through the use of (for example, rent) its software products, applications, tools and pieces of infrastructure. The simplest variant of such practices is site hosting company. Many modern companies use outsourcing, indicating that his popularity and profitability for the end user. Outsourcing can be viewed as a service organized by a specific company, where several services are provided comprehensively for the full scope of customer needs. In practice, the emphasis is usually on one of the service. Maintenance of information systems across the enterprise Subscriber service of computers - the most common form in practice of outsourcing in the IT field. In this type of service the customer is offered a comprehensive suite of services that allows him to dispense with their own system administrator, or significantly reduce its load.

Subscription service computers, usually includes the following services:

In practice, the same firms often have additional services - Maintenance of office equipment, modernization (upgrade) local area network, installation of local area networks, IP-telephony and PBX configuration, IT auditing and consulting. Therefore, maintenance of computers often takes the form of services to the entire complex of information systems across the enterprise client.

Outsourcing Data Center

In many industries, companies are faced with the need to use the services of the data center or data center (data center). Building your own data center requires the company to attract funding for civil works, problems with energy supply, procurement, server hardware, service organization operating data centers, and security. Data Centers periodically require the current and capital upgrades. Many companies prefer instead of creating a corporate data center contract with a commercial SLA TsODom and get the services of data centers as a service.

The external placement of Information Systems (SaaS)

Outsourcing placement of IT systems (the model of "software as a service", SaaS) is a form of outsourcing of information processes. Unlike normal hosting, SaaS outsourcer not only provides the physical hardware to accommodate the information systems, but also provides them with the installation, support and updates. Under the SaaS model customers pay not for owning the software itself, but for his rent (for example, use the web interface). Thus, in contrast to the classical scheme of licensing, the customer is relatively small recurrent costs, and it does not need to invest significant resources in acquiring the system. The scheme assumes that if the need for software that is temporarily absent, the client may suspend payments.