Data Processing Center (DPC)

Центры обработки данных (ЦОД)

Organization of data processing and storage

Current trends in information technology in large domestic companies with advanced information systems and the increasing level of automation of small and medium-sized enterprises require the creation of efficient and technologically advanced solutions for organizing data processing and storage.

To solve such problems the company IT & T offers professional services for the construction of highly reliable data center (SAC) to ensure continuous operation of IT services that support complex business processes, as well as providing a scalable platform for further development of information systems company.

In constructing the data center company IT & T uses an integrated approach that includes
the following stages of the project:

An integrated approach of IT&T provides efficient use of resources at each stage / phase of the project, ensuring maximum achievement of the objectives of the project through a phased design and implementation of all subsystems of the future data center and flexible project management system.

The main advantages that accrue to the client after building a data center:

Additionally, the company IT&T offers implementation services unit (container), data centers, which provide the mobility of the computing infrastructure and have a higher rate of deployment compared to the traditional architecture of data centers. Unified system management and monitoring enables more effective administration and data center allows you to quickly identify potential threats due to consolidation in the central panel all management systems - as the main data center and backup data center. Reduce support costs of information systems to optimize the IT budget service companies through more efficient use of computing resources and the centralization of control.